My name is Chesa Mendez. It was never my intention to become an educator or life-longer learner, it just happened. I realized I have a personable personality that allows me to flow between the classroom as an educator, the classroom as a student, and the office as an administrator.

In December of 2011, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northern Arizona University received a BSEd in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Early Childhood Education. I continued my education in Early Childhood earning an M.S in Early Childhood Studies with a concentration in Teaching and Diversity in Early Childhood at Walden University. I am currently continuing my education, earning a 2nd Masters in Educational Leadership Principal K-12.

When I began this journey of becoming an educator, I wanted to improve the world by changing it. I quickly realized that I only had the power to change myself. I decided to become the change that I wanted to see. I formally and informally prepared myself for the growths and diversities of our society through continuous education, professional development, and seminars.


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